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Daily deals for my event

Updated: 01/07/14

  • Configure your event to work with vouchers from sites like Groupon or LivingSocial
  • Use a custom question to collect voucher numbers

Note: Event organisers sometimes set up their Eventbrite event page to take registrations from people who purchased a voucher on a site like Groupon, LivingSocial, or HomeRun. Typically, organisers collect voucher codes from attendees using a custom question at checkout. See below for a look at how to set things up!


After logging in and creating an event, click Edit to go to your event's Edit page.


In Step 2: Create Tickets, click the green Free button in the bottom left corner under Ticket name to begin creating your free ticket.

Create a Ticket name that indicates to the attendee they will use their voucher code when registering for this ticket type. An example is "Using a Voucher." Once you've named your ticket type, input the Quantity available for this ticket type and leave the Price set to 0.00. Be sure to click Save once you're ready!


After creating your free ticket type, go to your Event Dashboard by click Manage. Then click the Order Form link in menu on the left-hand side of the page (under Order Options).


Choose the option to Collect information below for each attendee.

Next create a custom survey question by clicking Create a Question (under Your Questions). 


Input your question in the Question field. This can be something along the lines of "Please enter your voucher number here." Then, set the Question type as Text.


Under Optional Settings, check the box to the left of Show this question for specific ticket types and check the box to the left of Using a voucher to show this question only for the voucher ticket type you created.

If you have more than one ticket type, you can select which tickets to apply the custom question(s) to. (You can learn more about creating ticket type-specific custom questions here.)

Be sure to click Save to save your changes!


On the next screen, select that this question be Required. Remember to click Save Changes once you're finished.


Before your event, you can compare the number of “Use a voucher” tickets that have been “sold” or redeemed in Eventbrite with the number of deals or vouchers that you sold on the outside “daily deal” website to make sure that these two numbers sync.

If you’d like further details, you can run an Attendee Summary report and export it to Excel. The Attendee Summary report will include the answers to all of the custom questions you asked your attendees, including the voucher numbers they redeemed. You can then cross reference the voucher numbers collected on Eventbrite with the numbers provided by the “daily deal” site.

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