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How to publish your Eventbrite event to Facebook

Updated: 10/07/15

  • Use our Facebook Integration to quickly publish all the details of your event to a Facebook event—and link back to your event page with the “Tickets Available/Find Tickets” feature for Facebook events when publishing as a "Fan" or "Group" page to sell more tickets using social media.

Go to your Event Dashboard.

After logging in, click Manage next to your event from My Events.

Click Manage from My Events.


Note: The Facebook Integration option will not appear for events that aren’t live yet, repeating events, or if your event visibility isn't set to "public." To publicise your repeating event on Facebook, you will need to manually create an event directly in Facebook. You can also check out the third-party Facebook app Eventbistro.


Click Facebook Integration from the left-hand menu.

Facebook Integration will be under Invite & Promote and should be blue.

Look for a link called Facebook Integration on the left-hand side.


Click Connect with Facebook.

If you're not already logged in to Facebook, a Connect with Facebook screen will appear. Log in using your Facebook log-in email and password.

If you've never before accessed Facebook from within your Eventbrite account, you'll need to grant permission to publish and update your event details on Facebook.

Click the blue Connect with Facebook button and allow access for Eventbrite.


Note: We won’t automatically publish all of your events on Facebook— you’ll use this Connect with Facebook feature for each one you want to push to Facebook.


Check basic event details.

Event name, date/time, location, category, and description will appear on Facebook. You can edit or add information to the event name and/or description fields to modify how the event looks on Facebook before you Publish to Facebook (time and location details need to be correct on your event—they can’t be changed via Facebook).

Edit event details before you publish to Facebook.

Tip: You can’t change the time field on a Facebook event if the event was created more than a week from the date you’re trying to edit it or if more than 5,000 people have been invited to your event through Facebook.

Pro Tip: If you’re the administrator of a fan or group page on Facebook, you can choose to publish to these pages or to your personal page. Facebook only allows you to publish to one of these pages directly from within Eventbrite.


Note: Facebook requires a physical address to publish an event to Facebook from Eventbrite. If your event is an “online event” in Eventbrite, you'll need to manually create the Facebook event in Facebook. Then include a link to your Eventbrite event page in the Facebook event's description.


Click Publish to Facebook.

On this Eventbrite success page confirming that your event is live on Facebook, you’ll see links at the top of the page to view and to edit the event in Facebook. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see buttons to update/edit the Facebook event on Facebook, as well as to cancel/remove the event in Facebook.

Confirmation screen.

Pro Tip: Check out our tip sheet on using social media to drive registrations.


See your event on Facebook!

Congratulations! Your event is now published to Facebook. Your Facebook friends and contacts will now be able to view details about your event and register by clicking on the link to your Eventbrite event page.

Confirmation screen.

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