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How to collect information from all event attendees

Updated: 12/08/15

  • You can collect information from all your attendees when they register, either online or on-site. Information can be optional or required, and you can even create your own custom questions for attendees to answer. From your event's Manage page, just go to the "Order Form" to collect addresses, work information, ages, and more.

Go to your Manage page.

After logging in and creating an event, click or tap on your event from the My Events page, then select Manage.


Go to "Order Form" (under Order Options).

From the options menu, scroll to the Order Options section.


Collect information from each attendee.

Under Collection type, select Each Attendee. You have several options available:

- Basic Information: collect just the name and email address of the person buying the ticket

- Buyer Only: collect information from just the person purchasing tickets

- Each Attendee: collect information from each person attending the event


Note: If you only collect Basic Information or information from the Buyer Only, the same name and email address will appear on all tickets in an order with multiple tickets.


Collect whatever information you'd like.

We'll always collect an attendee's first name, last name, and email address, and you have several other question choices under Information to collect. Just click or tap on the options you'd like to add those questions to your order form.

Tip: If questions you need aren't available as an option under Information to collect, you can create your own custom questions for attendees to answer (and even ask custom questions by ticket type).

Pro Tip: If you're asking a lot of questions, you may want to increase the time limit that attendees have to complete a registration (set to 8 minutes by default).

However, be cautious about requiring too many fields—the less information required, the more likely someone will complete their registration to your event!


Optional: Add a will call option, disable editing capabilities, or disable refund requests.

With the options above Save, you can allow attendees to pick up tickets at will call, disable the ability to edit registration information, or disable refund requests.

Tip: Want to sell merchandise and additional items for your event? Just select the Add Additional Item button to get started.


Save changes.

Choose Save to save the changes to your order form.


Optional: Sync event information with one of our CRM integrations.

We have several third-party CRM integrations that syncs the attendee data you want and helps you keep track of important event information. Check out some of our partners like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Pro Tip: You can also use our integration with SurveyMonkey to create and send a post-event survey to attendees.

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